About the Inn

When you first step into the lobby of the Myers Inn, you're struck by "something"--a feeling--you can't quite put your finger on.

The decor is a part of it, certainly. Your mind quickly takes in the rich heritage of family heirlooms, antique dolls, turn-of-the-century photographs, along with the fireplace, the meticulous woodwork and the wall decorations. It's more than just the assemblage of collectibles that you're sensing or the warm and inviting feeling surrounding the place.  The subdued lighting and a crackling fire in the fireplace also bring a comfortable inviting feeling to the place. Similar to what it must of been like over a century ago.  Then, the overwhelming feeling of peace comes over you and you realize that you  are in the heart of the redwoods surrounded by the tallest trees in the world!

In the earlier, "proper" days, there were two lobbies here--one for the ladies and one for the gentlemen. Today, you'll want to sit together with your sweetheart and hold hands.  The music that was played was on our windup Victrola, which is only some of the antique memorabilia you will discover. There are many photos here that were taken over 100 years ago. One very unique wedding photo in the lobby is of Ulysses S. Grant Myers and his bride, the new Mrs. Mattie Myers.  They posed perfectly still, while waiting for the photographer's flash to go off and capture their wedding day here at the Myers Inn.  There is a lot of history here, but we look forward to making new memories with you and your family.

For modern-day guests, the Inn has been subtly transformed into a lovely ten-room B&B Inn.  Complete with all the modern comforts, including private baths, heating and air conditioning, large flat screen TVs, and even free Wi-Fi (which is rare up here in the secluded mountains :). All this with a delicious home-made breakfast in the morning and then your off to begin a one-of-a-kind adventure!